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Scary Terry - Retro Basic, Kit

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This one is for the Maker's! It comes with a bare board and all the parts, which the user must solder onto the board.

Note:  Solder and soldering equipment are not supplied with the kit.

We call this the Scary Terry Retro Basic Kit, because it is just that. It is a retro PCB and parts kit, using all through hole technology instead of surface mount, just like our original Scary Terry boards. Of course, we couldn't help but improve on it a bit with a nicer layout and "slightly" newer component types. Using this board and the supplied parts, you can build up a nice working Scary Terry board on the cheap! The board fits our standard servo mounting bracket, making it easy to install in a Bucky Skull!

It has all the features you would expect in a basic Scary Terry Board:

  • Drives one jaw servo (not included).
    • Maximum jaw open setting.
    • Minimum jaw closed setting.
    • Volume control for easy sensitivity adjustments.
    • Level control for setting the audio trigger level point at which the jaw opens up.
  • Audio line-in jack connection for driving the circuit to your sounds.
    • Drive the jaw from the right or left channel audio or both.
  • Audio line-out jack connection for hooking up amplified speakers.
  • Led Eyes that can be set to flash with the audio or always on.
  • High current output connection, in case you need to drive something other than a servo.

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Bill of Materials and Assembly information

Detailed Assembly Manual (use with Bill of Materials and Assembly information)