Scary Terry Talking Skull Kit with ST-450 board

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ST-450 Skull Kit
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Kit Version of our ST-450 Skull

This kit provides are supplies necessary to build one of ST-450 Skull. You provide the labor and tools and save yourself some money!

Kit contains:

  • 1 Bucky 2nd or 4th class skull (2nd class will be sent unless unavailable from our supplier as they sometimes go out of stock for months).
  • 1 Just The Guts Kit (servo, servo mount, screws, wire ties, & piano wire)
  • 1 ST-450 Scary Terry Audio Servo Driver board
  • 1 set of LED Eyes - Ultra Bright Red

The ST-450 circuit allows you to easily drive a servo for animating the jaw of your prop. Easily create a prop with that highly sought after animatronics effect!

Operates off of a 6 to 12VDC supply (available in the Accessories section).  The unit has an MP3/WAV player on the circuit board that can be triggered to play via a switch, motion sensor, or voltage level.

Switches on the Scary Terry Audio Servo Driver board allow you to choose the Left, Right, or both audio channels to drive the servo in the skull.

A free audio editor, called Audacity, can be downloaded from

Push Eject of the has created an excellent video of how he uses this circuit and an audio editing program to make the jaw movement on his Bucky more accurate. Click here for the video.

Manual for the ST-450 board that is used with the skull.
Manual for the Skull Kit (only for the Kit, not the completed skull).
Skull Kit "How To" videos, Part 1 and Part 2

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