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Skull Mount - Digital Download

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This is a mount I created for the Talking Skull, but it will fit many of the life size cranium cut skulls that are available on Amazon.

The print should be oriented as shown so that the socket for the head of the bolt, up inside the tube, will print properly. It needs to be printed with supports turn on. I printed mine at 80% fill and it is plenty strong. The tube can then be placed over a ¾" wood dowel that is mounted in some wood to act as a stand. The tube allows for 2.5" of the dowel to go up inside of it.

I have provided two different models. One has a tab up top only. The other has a smaller tab on the bottom that could be connected to a motor or other device to move the head in a side-to-side motion. I have also included .STEP files of the designs for you to change the design to better suite your particular needs.

Other Item Needed:

1 - ¼" x 2" long bolt. I used course thread, so it is a ¼ 20 bolt.

1 - Fender washer, I show a 6GG size (1.5"), but a 1.25" would work too.

1 - Nut for ¼" bolt, I show a wing nut for easy hand tightening.

1 - ¾" wooden dowel.

1 - Life size cranium cut skull.