Choir Board 8

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Choir Board 8

Our new 8 channel choir board provides a way of driving up to 8 channels of audio! You could drive up to eight Scary Terry boards that are all triggering off different audio tracks! It also be used to have eight speakers placed around a room with coordinated audio tracks to give all kinds of effects!

The board contains four MP3/WAV audio player boards that are all triggered at the same time. So, each player board provides two channels of audio.  The unit can be triggered by a switch, voltage level (5-12VDC), or a motion sensor etc. A relay also turns on whenever the audio is playing.

There are three audio output jacks for each audio player board. Two of them provide stereo audio all the time and the other, which is mainly designed to drive an external amplifier, can drive both channels of the jack from the Left Audio, Right Audio, or in standard Stereo mode.


 Please refer to the manual for complete operation capabilities and specifications.